Deepti Bajaj


Cool & Cozy Chunky Sweaters

तो यह बात है पुणे की इस साल की बारिश की,        यह बात है बिना प्लान की गई ट्रिप की,      वो ठंडी हवाओ के बिच से, बारिश में टु-व्हीलर की राइड की

That day, we suddenly make a plan of sinhagad fort without thinking about the weather. And without contemplating the circumstances, we started climbing the fort. And guess what like every other time we ditched by rain that day also. After seeing the roads and rocks of my journey continuously a voice popping out from me “ki Megha ab to Pero ki band bajegi hi “

but just like those rain and cozy-air my jutti also stand with me that day. I know it sounds freak that, why I choose jutti over my sneakers for that adventurous day.well somehow I also had the same view until I came across this beautiful brand Labeldeeptibajaj, which makes wonderful Punjabi jutti which not only save my feet that day but also make my journey comfy and pleasurable. Fortunately, the weather pity us and got a good snap for my blog.

Style: western

Outfit: classic dark blue denim with sky blue stripe shirt.

Jewelry: silver Titan watch + loop earring + black belt

Footwear: Punjabi jutti by labeldeeptibajaj

                                                                                                                                                                                                              BY MEGHA SARWAN